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What is Breath Work
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Breath is the Essence of our Being. Universal Energy / Prana / Chi / Spiritus is present in the air we breathe. We receive Universal Vital Energy when we breathe. Shallow breathing suppresses Life Force while deep breathing enhances It.

Our emotions are directly related to our breathing. Emotions are like glue that hold subconscious beliefs in place and beliefs influence our experiences. Negative emotions are egoic manifestations of guilt which interfere with energy flow in the body contributing to imbalance and dis-ease.

The circular breathing technique facilitates the activation of suppressed emotions while simultaneously allowing buried thoughts, memories, and core beliefs to rise to Awareness and be relinquished.

It’s as if a Light turns on in the darkness. This signals a shift in perception, allowing Spirit to heal the mind. “Light dispels the darkness by It's mere presence. Light merely shines it away.” 
(ACIM - A Course In Miracles T-8. IV. 2)

Spirit is the restorative Light, Truth, Oneness in mind that does not judge. It undoes the blocks to the Awareness of Love’s Presence leaving one feeling rejuvenated and connected to Source. 





A Breath Work Session provides a safe, supportive, non-judgmental space for authentic sharing to reveal and express misperceptions and negative emotions vs. avoiding, dismissing or spiritually by-passing them.

~Breath Work has an amazing ability to connect us to those places in the mind that are ready to be unwound and released.

~Emotions other than love, happiness and peace require correction in the mind.

~Bust through ego lies and Awaken from the belief of separation.  ~Reveal ~ Feel ~ Heal

Breath Work is a transformational tool that can peel back false beliefs and egoic conditioning.

~It is an effective means for releasing and transcending blocks to Love’s Presence (i.e. separateness, fear, guilt, frustration, anger, projection, judgement, blame, competition, hatred, restlessness, specialness, existential despair, etc…).

~The ego mind has taken over when we are not experiencing joy, happiness and peace.

~Step back into Awareness and allow the blocks to lift.

Breath Work is a powerful portal to greater clarity, heightened awareness, inspired living and peace of mind.

~There’s an Innate Presence guiding us to unwind from and dissolve false beliefs and misperceptions. It aligns us with our Divinity.

~Our Awareness that looks at the arising emotions, drops the projections and allows them to be released and forgiven is the key.

~Shift your identity from ego to Spirit and remember Oneness.

"Existence as well as being rests on communication." 
(ACIM T-4. VII.4)
"Only the mind is in need of healing." 
(ACIM P-in)

'Accepting Correction allows us to forget what we thought was real.'  (ACIM T-9. IV.5)


1954 Born into a Doukhobor family / community in the West Kootenay region of BC, Canada. "Doukhobor" is a Christian based religious sect and the literal English translation is 'Spirit Wrestler'. 
As pacifists, Doukhobor's wrangled for God with their Breath or Spirit. Originating in Russia they were non-compliant with state and church imposed doctrines, and upon refusal to serve in the military, they burned all of their appropriated firearms and were exiled from Russia. Many sought refuge in Canada (1898-1899). It appears I was born into Breath Work naturally and organically. While surreptitiously healing ancestral wounds and false beliefs, it is no coincidence that I carry on this tradition of 'Spirit Wrestling' as Breath Work is in my genes 
~ my Spirit-Given function!

Spirit-Led Master Breath Work Facilitator / Trainer. 

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Since 1985 integrating Breath Work with A Course In Miracles (ACIM), "a complete spiritual self study thought system" (Foundation for Inner Peace). 

Apparently I incarnated this lifetime to embrace Breath Work and extend 'The Course'!

Rebirth Emergence ~ Lo de Marcos, Mexico

Spontaneous Photo by Rebecca Ferry 04.04.23

1965  ACIM scribing began while I was in grade school.

1972-1976   ACIM brought to fruition while I was acquiring a bachelor's degree.

1990-04  Private Breath Work Practice in BC and AB, Canada. Worked with private clients, facilitated extensive six-month Breath Work based Empowerment Programs and Breath Work Practitioner Trainings. 

1976-88  Additional ACIM publications, special projects and retreat centers established while I was undergoing extensive Breath Work and ACIM training (1985-90).

2005-20  Recalibration and deeper application of ACIM principles.

2020 - Now Resumed Breath Work Practice.

In the dream, this work healed my mind and therefore my body from depression, PTSD, low thyroid function, and 20 years of amenorrhea, miraculously resulting in my giving birth to a beautiful baby girl in 1991. This work also helped me transcend material annihilation and cheat death numerous times. Now I frequently encounter accelerated healing, ongoing miracles and mystical experiences.
As a Miracle-Worker-In-Progress, I continually apply practical spiritual principles in my ongoing personal healing and with willing clients.    During a Breath Work Session, Spirit is invited in and leads the session.

“Where two have joined for healing, God is there.  And He has guaranteed that He will hear and answer them in Truth. They can be sure that healing is a process He directs, because it is according to His Will.”  (ACIM P-2 V.4.4)


  • For a  FREE Discovery Call 

  • To book a 2 hour Breath Work Session (online or in-person ~ I currently reside in Kelowna, BC Canada)

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My Breath Work Sessions with Hazel Forry were profound experiences.  During a session through her zoom room I experienced a deep release that seemed to be an alignment of kundalini energy. During an in-person Breath Work Session I was able to get in touch with memories that carried shame that needed to be released. Hazel is a gentle and loving Breath Practitioner and I am grateful for her offering of sacred Breath Work Sessions. In gratitude,

Kat Frith,
Ajijic, Mexico

I had the honor of participating in Breath Work Sessions with Hazel and was amazed at the insights and mystical experiences I received.  During my most recent session, it was as though I drifted through a portal into an angelic realm of Blissful Essence, a space I’d never felt before.  So healing & uplifting! I highly recommend these beautifulhealing sessions. Love,

DeeOna Fuson,
Ajijic, Mexico

I had just been through a bit of “trauma” of the world and was looking for a way to rise out.  As I started the Breath Work Session with Hazel, I felt the presence of Jesus with us.  It guided me to release and let go of a deep seeded belief of unworthiness. The process was deep, the space full of love and innocence ~ It led me into a journey of self love & care.  I am eternally grateful,

KT Bucek,
Lo de Marcos, Mexico


During Breath Work under the direction of Hazel Forry, a skilled facilitator, my quality of life improved tremendously!  Breath Work enabled me to release negative emotions and subconscious conditioning. The experiences have been profound on emotional, physical, psychological & spiritual levels.  Breath Work is a potent tool for personal transformation.  I look forward to participating in more Breath Work Sessions!

Dave Carter, Castlegar,
BC Canada

During the Breath Work Sessions with Hazel I felt relaxed and was able to stay present, observe, feel and allow the mind to reach a peaceful, quiet state.  It was a beautiful experience.

Ana Cecilia Gonzales Vigil,
Ajijic, Mexico



Bradley Harrison, Master Breath Work Facilitator / Trainer

Drs. Kenn & Deborah Gordon, Highly Revered Science Of Mind Senior Ministers
and The Center for Spiritual Living Community, Kelowna, BC

David Hoffmeister, Internationally Renowned Master ACIM Teacher and The Living Miracles Community

Cate Grieves, Master ACIM Teacher

Keith Kavanagh, Master ACIM Teacher

Nouk Sanchez and Coreen Walson, Master ACIM Teachers & Joyful ACIM Collaborators

KT Graphiks, Logo / Website Design & Spirit-Led Collaborator

Family, Friends, Colleagues, and Countless Mighty Companions Along The Way!

If you have reached your discomfort thereshold and / or desire more
Happiness, this is an invitation to Heal !


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